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 Our factory develops, manufactures and sell plastic products and we have passed ISO9001-2000 and SGS qualification authentification. The factory area covers 50,000 square kilometers. We have over 10-year history till now. We own advanced equipment and great technology. We have much experience for the designing and production of the products and we can offer the best products and service according to the desire of the customers.
For quite a long time, we innovate and crave for the good quality of the products. Besides this, we also get the support from our customers and we make great efforts to manage the whole company. All of these make us develop and thrive. We have lots of advanced equipment. We are specialized in manufacturing articles for hotel and environmental protection garbage bin. We regard the quality as our live.
We will still continue to produce good quality products and serve our customers sincerely. We are bound to be a leading enterprise in the future.